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Ebola Virus Outbreak- IFALPA Quick Reference Guide

Published on 21 October 2014

Since the beginning of the ebola virus outbreak, much information has been released. BeCA has always gathered and summed up the most updated information and guidance to our members, in an article, through our facebook page. We also sent to Brussels Airlines members an e-news about this serious health issue.

IFALPA, our international structure - which represents over 100.000 pilots worldwide - released last week a briefing leaflet on the ebola virus, aimed at informing pilots on this epidemic.

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Refund of VAT

Published on 12 September 2014

Don't lose money: Send us your invoices!

One of the files we have been working on is the issue around taxes (TVA/VAT/BTW) on the student pilot’s training. A few years ago, we started building a database with contracts and invoices our members received during their pilot training program.

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