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Elections of BeCA Vice-Presidents

Dear members, Dear colleagues,

At the end of January, we informed you that the positions of BeCA Vice-Presidents for each airline were open and we invited all our members to stand up for them. The current vice-presidents were the only candidates and they will therefore run for a new 2-year mandate:

  • Christophe Sambre (Brussels Airlines)
  • Alain Vanalderweireldt (EA/DHL), assisted by Vinciane Cabaret (EAT)
  • Delphine Saive (Jetairfly)
  • Bart Smet (Thomas Cook)
  • Rémi Thirion (TNT Airways)

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BeCA Elections - Call for candidates

Elections of the new Category Vice-Presidents

As per BeCA Statutes, every two years, our members have the right to apply for the position of Vice-President for all airlines. The VP's role is to represent his/her members within BeCA's executive committee and assist members with whatever issue they might face in their own airlines.

The BeCA VP will coordinate all BeCA activities within the company:

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New Occurrence Reporting Regulation - Your rights & responsibilities

To all pilots based in Europe - Do you know that since yesterday (15 Nov) new rules apply to reporting occurrences all across Europe? Your airline might have one of the best safety and reporting cultures, but the new EU Occurrence Reporting Regulation (EU Reg. 376/2014) brings a number of changes, including new rights & responsibilities.

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Rate the severity of wake encounters!

New survey for pilots

During recent years, knowledge about wake turbulence behaviour has increased, thanks to operational measurements, better understanding of physics and wake encounter flight testing. This has contributed to the introduction of new wake separation standards at major European airports, bringing operational benefits while preserving safety.

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