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Thomas Cook Airlines

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Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium was created at the end of 2001.

Following the bankruptcy of Sabena and City Bird, the Thomas Cook tour operator was looking for a way to transport his holiday passengers to their destinations. Instead of going for a new partnership with an airline, they decided the time was right to start their own airline company: Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium was born. In the beginning of 2002, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium started operating 3 Airbuses A320, flying Thomas Cook Holiday passengers to various holiday destinations on their medium-haul network.

The current summer fleet is composed of 6 aircraft, 5 Airbuses 320 and 1 Airbus A319. They are flown by a group of 60 pilots on the short and medium-haul network. The network consists of some popular holiday destinations around Europe, including Cabo Verde, The Canarian islands, and the North of Africa. The long-haul network is served by its sister company Condor (Thomas Cook Airlines Germany) and some strategic alliances.

Due to a big difference in demand between summer and winter season, the fleet size and number of pilots fluctuate during the year.

In the last years, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium became an integrated part of the Thomas Cook Airlines Group. The Airlines are now a more stand-alone platform in the group. This means that the tour operator is still the main costumer, but extra revenue is coming from seat-only passengers. The group consists of Thomas Cook Airlines England, Germany, Scandinavia and Belgium.

To tackle group-wide issues, regular meetings are held between BeCA and their European counterparts within the Thomas Cook group. These meetings take place around Europe under the umbrella of the Thomas Cook Pilot Group.

In order to be more visible and project unity on the market, a rebranding of the company was carried out in the last years.

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