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ASL Airlines Belgium

TNT Airways is a subsidiary airline owned by TNT Express and founded on 20 July 1999. It is a service-based company operating from Liege mainly by night.

TNT Airways employs around 500 people, including 273 pilots.

TNT airways started its own operation with a fleet of Bae-146-200, previously owned by a British company called airfoil.

TNT Airways introduced the fleet Boeing 737-300F in 2004, 747-400 in 2006, 757-200SF (combi) and 777-200LRF and B737-400SF in 2012 meant to replace the Bae-146 and 737-300 slowly phasing out from 2013.

Part of 747 fleet is mainly flying as charter for a Middle-East based cargo company from Dubai. The other part of the fleet is operating from liege mainly uplifting TNT Express' own freight to Asia.

The 777 fleet is operating regular daily flights as code share for TNT Express and other cargo companies on its own TAY (quality) callsign from Liège to Hong Kong up and down via Dubai on the east side and to New York on the west side.

The 777 also operates a charter flight to Atlanta once a week.

The short-haul fleet uplifts TNT Express' own freight throughout Europe from Lisbon to Tallinn, and from Dublin to Cyprus.

TNT Airways' 757 is the first worldwide 757 to be converted to combi (to accommodate freight and passenger on the main deck). The 757 is flying to undisclosed destinations for NATO and sometimes flies as backup for either the long-haul or the short-haul network.


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