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BeCA Survey results

What do you think of your pilot association?Please find the BeCA Survey results  We would like to thank all our members.

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EASA’s new Fuel Management rules

On 30 October 2022 new EASA fuel rules will come into effect (Regulation (EU) 2021/1296 and ED Decision 2022/005/R.).The publication, issued.

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Open letter: return to pre-Covid 19 terms and conditions

All Ryanair top management returned to pre-Covid terms & conditions already 15 months ago! During the same time, pilots within.

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What can pilots do now to help reduce CO2 emissions?

Our BeCA-ECA director Didier Moraine, 737 Captain and member of the ECA environment working group spoke to AeroTime about the.

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2022 – A summer of disruptions

With regard to the current chaotic situation within the European aviation industry and in light of the possible deterioration of.

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