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Aviation security aims at keeping outside of the aircraft all objects (e.g. arms and explosives) that could represent a threat to the safety of operations and at dealing with all issues flights to crisis zones (stopovers, no-go zones, wars, etc.). Aviation security has been on the countries' agendas for decades, but after the 9/11 attacks, it became a priority issue and since then, a lot of new security measures have emerged, at national, European and international levels.

From the pilots' point of view, it is of paramount importance to ensure the aircraft is free from any threat. However, we also believe that security measures must be appropriate and balanced according to the real threats and must not become a burden on the pilots' daily working life and environment. BeCA therefore works with national and European stakeholders in order to achieve this right balance.

For a more comprehensive pilots' point of view about aviation security, you can read a very interesting publication by the European Cockpit Association, our European structure.

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