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IFALPA Safety Bulletin: Operations at Palermo (LICJ) Airport

On 17 November, IFALPA published a Safety Bulletin on operations at Palermo airport.

Due to WIP at LICJ, reduced runway lengths can be further affected by the lack of runway edge lights and ILS. Therefore in certain wx conditions, the airport would be technically closed at night. At the same time Trapani airport (LITC) (first alternate) may be partially closed!

Invitation: Extraordinary General Assembly, 18 December, Constitution & Bylaws

Adoption of Constitution & Bylaws
BeCA Office, 18 December, 11:00 AM

The BeCA Executive Committee has finalized the revision of our Constitution (Statuts/Statuten) and Bylaws (ROI/RIO) and wishes to submit the proposed amendments to vote to our members. As a consequence, we are organizing an Extraordinary General Assembly. Several reasons convinced us of the necessity to update our Constitution and Bylaws:

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