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Covid-19 Crisis: Temporary Unemployment - Frequently Asked Questions

The drop in passenger demand linked to the Covid-19 crisis forced all the passenger airlines with a crew base in Belgium (ABB, BCY, BEL, JAF, RYR) to stop operations for several weeks. As a consequence, crews and sometimes office employees have been forced into Temporary Unemployment due to Force Majeure (“chômage temporaire pour force majeure/tijdelijke werkloosheid wegens overmacht”).

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Covid-19 Crisis: BeCA Committee's Message & Updates per Airline

For several months, the Covid-19 coronavirus has been spreading worldwide. What was initially qualified as a “bad flu” burst into a global pandemic. This forced authorities, including the Belgian government, to impose unprecedented measures that are impacting our daily lives. We can only encourage you to adhere to those measures to limit the spreading of the pandemic and hope that the situation will improve in the coming weeks.

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Passenger Flights Carrying Deportees: IFALPA/BeCA Position

As a public transport pilot, you will probably know the following situation. You arrive at the aircraft for the start of your duty; you look around your plane, GPU and airco connected, fuel truck and catering around the plane; and suddenly you see a white van with masked windows. You recognise the federal police with a deportee. At that moment, we all react in different ways but for sure we all know our departure could be difficult, for proof there is an additional stair at the rear door of the plane.

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