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BeCA's opinion about the reform of the pension system

Published on 4 December 2014

To all Belgian airline pilots

After a first reform of the pension system in 2011 that imposed to some pilots a 10-year extension of the working life, the government now plans to set the retirement age to 67 for the young generation, while the pilot license in commercial aviation expires at 65.

Given the working rhythms and constraints of our profession, we had already reported in 2012 the fantasy of a pension at 65 for all pilots. As of 60, an airline pilot must sit for a rigorous medical examination every six months. And the European law forbids two 60+ year old pilots to fly together !

BeCA calls once more for the adoption of a pension system for Belgian airline pilots that is adapted to the physical, medical, intellectual, legal and safety constraints of the profession. We want this system to be financially autonomous and cost-free for the community. In one word, we want to create a solidarity for those of us who will not be able to reach the legal pension age.

The unions have already informed their members on the general concerns that will be raised during the strike on 15 December. On the issues specific to our profession, BeCA Executive Committee will support the local action organised by the pilot boards.

The pension at 67 is unacceptable and our organisation has therefore reactivated our national working group on this issue, in order to propose and negotiate a solution with the government.

BeCA Executive Committee

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