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BeCA "Welcomes" FedEx in Liège - Press articles & news

Following the action organised by BeCA on 20 April to "welcome" FedEx in Liège, you can have a look at these articles and videos that were produced:

EU Jobs for EU Pilots - Articles & News

On 3 April 2017, BeCA held a Press Conference to raise awareness on three important issues that threaten employment in Europe and the future of the Belgian and European cargo industry. You can read our Press Release here.

Below a few links to press articles and interviews on the subject matter:

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BeCA on the radio about becoming a pilot

On 23 January 2017, Christophe Verleye, BeCA's Executive Secretary and Captain at Brussels Airlines, was interviewed following the publication of 900 vacancies for pilot positions. He talks about the difficulties of the pilot profession. To have a look at the video and the article, please visit RTL website.

BeCA on the Radio about Pay to Fly and new employment models

On 14 December, Rudy Pont, BeCA Air Safety Committee Chairman, was on the radio (VRT) to talk about pay to fly practices and the new employment models that do not benefit pilots nor safety. You can read the short article and listen to his interview (in NL) here.

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