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BeCA condemns Ryanair's threat to its Dublin-based pilots after their recent strikes

You can find below the Press Release issued by the European Cockpit Association on 26 July regarding the announcement by Ryanair of job cuts in its Dublin base. This decision is directly linked to several one-day strikes organised by Dublin-based pilots these past weeks. It is therefore a clear violation of the right to strike which BeCA highly condemns. The only possible response to these threats remains the same as usual: solidarity and unity of all Ryanair pilots and cabin crew throughout Europe. More to come next week.

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BeCA Statement about Ryanair pilots' initiatives

In a common letter signed by around 45 Ryanair bases in Europe (representing around 1500 Ryanair pilots in total), pilots are giving an ultimatum to their management: it's time for implementing common working conditions and allowing collective representation and fair social dialogue, to ensure a stable and positive future for the company and its employees. 

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