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Open letter: return to pre-Covid 19 terms and conditions

RTPG Open letter

All Ryanair top management returned to pre-Covid terms & conditions already 15 months ago! During the same time, pilots within the Ryanair Group continued to make huge financial sacrifices due to the 20% pay cuts forced upon them under duress at the beginning of the pandemic. Today, pilots sent an open letter to management, urging immediately return all Ryanair Group workforces to pre-pandemic terms and conditions.

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Secure skies

Cover Secure SkiesImproving aviation security is an ambitious task which requires a holistic approach. Key elements of such strategy are stepping from a reactive perspective to a more proactive and predictive one, integrating threat assessment, risk management, differentiation, unpredictability, randomness with global and harmonised solutions. In this paper, ECA maps out the key areas for aviation security today and tomorrow as well as the pilots’ perspective on improving aviation security.

2022 - A summer of disruptions

With regard to the current chaotic situation within the European aviation industry and in light of the possible deterioration of the situation with the upcoming high season in summer travel, the ECA Conference has adopted the following statement, urging EASA, lawmakers, airlines, and other stakeholders to take their responsibilities.

2022 Summer of disruptions

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