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Before Boeing’s MAX return to service: we need answers and transparency

BeCA agrees with ECA's viewpoint and calls upon EASA to restore trust and confidence in certification and regulatory oversight that has been severely undermined by the events leading up to the grounding of the B737 Max

For European pilots, having closely followed the developments and revelations in the past months, it is deeply disturbing that both the FAA and Boeing are considering a return to service, but failing to discuss the many challenging questions prompted by the MAX design philosophy. ln particular, how can a design and regulatory setup that originally failed by approving a flawed aeroplane’s entry into service, credibly provide the solution without significant reform? The European Aviation Safety Agency has a key role to play providing transparent, independent reassurance to pilots and Europe’s travellers. 

Read the full article on the ECA website

Safety Database

There is already plenty of aviation safety data available from great sources such as Eurocontrol's Skybrary. Nevertheless we want to inform our BeCA members with up-to-date media (articles, video, reference documents...) concerning specific safety issues. Information which is applicable to you as a pilot. An objective source of info where you can refer to when people ask your opinion on a subject.

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Because safety matters!

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BeCA's Air Safety Committee is actively working on a number of safety topics. To keep track of our work, we developed a BeCA Safety Radar containing 16 key safety area's to be monitored. For each of the topics, we explain what is the issue, why it is important for pilots and how BeCA takes action. These positions form the foundation of the ASC's daily work. To learn more, just click the item in the Safety menu.

Don't forget to take a look at our Aviation Magazines library. All of these publications contain a wealth of safety information some are high-level topics, but most of them are ready-to-use hands-on tips. Things that you and I can use every day on the flight deck, practical guidance. Because that's what BeCA is all about: for pilots, by pilots! 

If you have something to share, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your comments, relevant documents or online references. There is no competition in safety.

Happy landings and keep it safe!

Rudy Pont
BeCA Air Safety Committee (ASC)

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