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Aerotoxic Symposium (10/10/19)

Flying can result in severe health problems due to contaminated cabin air. Because it is essential to understand the different aspects of Cabin Air Quality and the implications on your health, ACV Puls in cooperation with BeCA organised an information evening on Aerotoxic Syndrome on 10 October 2019.  The evening was a success with over 65 attendants including. pilots, cabin crew members, union representatives, lawyers and press. The four speakers ensured that the audience got an update on the latest scientific and medical evidence, what is going on at industry level and solutions for those affected.

Speakers included...

Dr Michel Mulder, former Medical Examiner and airline pilot. Presently involved in the diagnosis of severely affected airline crew. He participated in 15 post mortem studies of prematurely deceased airline personnel.

Dr Daniel Dumalin, research psychologist specializing in neurophysiology with 29 years of clinical experience in qEEG (quantitative EEG) and ERP (Event-Related Potentials) in the detection of functional disorders in neurological disorders. He also specializes in demonstrating the functional consequences of brain injuries.

Dr Jon Midavaine Head of clinic Lifemedic for Orthomolecular Medicine - being focussed on health improvement, came in contact with al lot of patients and frequent flyers with huge numbers of flying hours, who were looking for answers to treat their neurological and other health problems.

Cpt Rudy Pont, chairs the BeCA Air Safety Committee and is an active A320 captain with over 12 years experience in air safety and is a strong advocate for a standardised medical protocol after exposure to fume events. BeCA is a GCAQE (Global Cabin Air Quality Executive) member and has been an active member on the CEN (European standards bureau) working group on CAQ for the last 3 years.

Former KLM Cpt. Ap van der Kaats has over 33 years of experience and was affected by the Aerotoxic Syndrome. After his diagnosis, he founded FlyAware Netherlands, a non-profit organisation with the aim of creating awareness among flight and cabin crews 

If you missed the evening (shame on you), or you want to have another look at the presentations, you can find them below:

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