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BeCA publishes guidance on COVID-19 safety aspects

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many among us are still operating flights either as rescue or cargo missions. Since so many authorities have published guidance to limit the spreading of the virus and much fake news exists, it may be difficult for flight crews to find relevant information for their specific task. That's why the BeCA Air Safety Committee published guidance for flight crews concerning COVID-19.

This leaflet is an attempt to address this issue by collecting official guidance regarding the coronavirus in a single paper. Referenced text is reproduced as-is. The hyperlinked references (e.g. [EASA]) provide easy access to check the source and check for possible updates.

We hope this paper helps to protect you, your family, friends and colleagues. Only by reducing the spreading of the virus we can “flatten the curve” and ensure adequate medical attention for all in need. Take care and above all: be safe!

Tags: COVID-19, Safety, Protection

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