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CAA approves revalidation of expat licence

Your feedback needed

A few months ago, some of our expat members requested our help as they were facing issues with the revalidation (i.e. prolongation before expiry date) of the type rating on their EASA licence. We finally came to an agreement with them.

According to new EASA regulations, it is still possible to convert a third country licence and its associated type ratings into an EASA licence, provided some criteria of recency and experience on type are met. However, the possibility to revalidate such a restricted type rating has been “forgotten” in the EASA text. For that reason, some other European countries published a derogation to continue to deliver and validate licences and type ratings restricted to operators of third countries. However, the Belgian CAA did not apply this derogation. BeCA has therefore been working in close cooperation with the licensing department to convince them to add this procedure.

After several months, we are happy to inform you that they finally approved our request. They let us know on 6 October that they will apply the derogation, as well as inform EASA, the European Commission and their staff.

As a consequence, in theory, you should now finally be able to revalidate your licence. In practice, can we please ask you to inform us about your experience (positive or negative) on this subject? This will help us to closely follow up the implementation of this new procedure.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification!

Tags: Licensing, Expats

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