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EU Licences for expats

Since the implementation of new EASA rules in spring 2014, it seems that the Belgian CAA has been refusing to write the qualifications and ratings on the expats' Belgium-issued licences.

It is our understanding that this is the case:

  • If pilots passed their training and initial test under Belgian authority (JAR or EASA) but the renewal is done outside an EASA country.
  • If pilots completed their training and initial test outside an EASA country (even if the test is validated by an EASA examiner and Simulator).

It seems that other countries keep providing a restricted use licence like in the past.

BeCA has therefore been in close contact with the Belgian CAA to try and solve these issues. 

If you are an expat member and you encounter the same kind of issues with your licences, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tags: Support, Licensing, Expats

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