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The LoL WG is composed of: Cpt Alain Loiseau (Head of), Cpt Bart Smet (Ethical Commission Director), Isabelle De Gandt (Executive Coordinator).

Should you have any questions or encounter any medical issues, please do not hesitate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are preparing a survey in order to better comprehend the problems you might face.


APPN - Association de Prévoyance du Personnel Navigant

APPN is a leading association offering Loss of Licence coverage since 1957. It was created by pilots and it is insuring about 7500 of them. It has been offering a special discount to BeCA members since January 2011. Pilots can cumulate their company group insurance with it. They propose a temporary LoL, a permanent LoL and a life insurance. The life insurance and the permanent LoL schemes offered are the same for all the airlines, but the temporary LoL scheme is different.

In this section, members can find all useful information concerning APPN insurance packages for every airline based in Belgium. There is also a page with frequently asked questions.

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