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BeCA supports ASLB pilots striving to protect their jobs

Brussels, 6 December 2016

Following the strike notice given by ASLB pilots, BeCA would like to express its full support in these difficult and uncertain times. Since the buyout of TNT Express by FedEx in April 2015, the unions, BeCA and ASLB management had been involved in a fruitful social dialogue that resulted in a balanced agreement. BeCA had welcomed this positive outcome as it gave pilots and the company good guarantees about their common future.

However, only one month before the first part of the actual phase-out, too many uncertainties remain on what will happen in the next weeks. ASLB employees, including pilots, therefore urge their management to implement the agreement and protect their jobs. BeCA hopes that a solution will be quickly found around the negotiations table before the threat of US pilots taking over Belgian jobs becomes a reality.

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