ASL Airlines Belgium

ASL Airlines Belgium is an Airline owned by the Irish group ASL holding.

ASL Airlines Belgium used to be called TNT Airways which was a subsidiary airline owned by TNT Express and founded on 20 July 1999. It was a service-based company operating from Liege mainly by night.

TNT Airways started its own operation with a fleet of Bae-146-200, previously owned by a British company called Air Foyle. The Airbus A300-B4 was introduced shortly after.

TNT Airways introduced the Boeing 737-300F in 2004, the 747-400 in 2006, the 757-200SF (combi), the 777-200LRF, and the B737-400SF in 2012. The B737-400 was meant to replace the Bae-146 and the 737-300 that were slowly phased out from 2013. The short-haul fleet was carrying TNT Express’ own freight throughout Europe.

TNT Airways’ 757 was the first worldwide 757 to be converted to combi (to accommodate freight and passenger on the main deck).

In 2016, FedEx bought TNT Express. Due to EU limitations on ownership capital, TNT Airways was acquired by ASL Holding and became ASL Airlines Belgium.

Early 2017 the Boeing 777 was phased out and gradually replaced by a fleet of 747-400 flying mainly to China and the USA. In 2023 the 747 started scheduled flights to South Africa.

The Boeing 757 was phased out in 2022 while ASL Airlines Belgium was gradually replacing its 737-400 classic fleet by 737-800 flying from Liege and Paris CDG as European preferred partner for the FedEx Network.

The main challenges ahead for ASL Airlines Belgium are :

  • Pilots transfer to Paris (2025)
  • Long haul growth
  • Customer portfolio growth
  • Airline growth in Liege Airport (environment permit)