Why join BeCA?

Stronger together!

BeCA has become an unavoidable partner in the aviation sector in Belgium. It is regularly consulted by the highest political powers and the media about aviation-related matters. This is thanks to our members: our association lives by and for its members. Therefore, by joining BeCA, you support its work; you contribute to the continuous improvement of aviation safety and the defense of pilots’ working conditions and help shape our beautiful profession’s future.

In addition, every BeCA member gets a great number of individual advantages:

  1. 24/7 Worldwide assistance: Would you know what to do in case you face an accident or incident? Who would you contact? If you are a BeCA member, you can contact our 24/7 Hotline for accidents and serious incidents. Our hotliners will do their best to provide you support and advice.
  2. Legal support: BeCA’s lawyer offers every member legal assistance on all collective pilot issues, such as the recuperation of the VAT on pilot training.
  3. Support in case of medical problem or Loss of licence: Losing our licence, either temporarily or permanently, is never easy. Laws are not always easy to understand and it is important to know our rights. BeCA will therefore assist you in case you face such a situation, so you can concentrate on getting better quickly!
  4. Fiscal advice: Filling out our tax declaration is not always an easy task. Sometimes, we end up losing money because we don’t know all the subtleties of fiscal law. Therefore, in June, BeCA organises “Fiscal days” during which its members can come and get individual advice from our lawyer on how to best fill out their declarations.
  5. Information: The modern world is moving rapidly. New laws and agreements are being discussed and approved every day. How can we therefore stay up-to-date about all these issues that affect our daily job? By joining BeCA! We send regular and relevant information, from the airline, the national, the European or the international levels, to our members, through various communications channels: the members-only part of our website; our “e-news”, emails that are sent every time a new and important development arises; our public facebook page; and our Cockpit Flash, which is published once a year.
  6. European and international representation: Through their BeCA membership, every member is also affiliated to the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA). With a more and more globalised world, these instances have become essential in defending the pilots’ interests. By joining BeCA, you therefore make sure the voice of Belgian pilots is heard and taken into account in the development of laws and agreements at European and international levels.

Do not hesitate anymore and join BeCA now by filling out our online form!

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