Loss of Licence Working Group

Losing their medical fitness is the worst nightmare pilots can have. Pilots who face this situation find themselves isolated and vulnerable at a time when they particularly need assistance: whom to contact? What should they do? Who can give them advice?

Being a BeCA member gives you many advantages regarding loss of licence issues. First of all, BeCA is your first point of contact: we are there for you and we will assist and advise you the best we can. Secondly, For more than ten years, BeCA has developed a close cooperation with APPN for individual Loss Of Licence contracts whose sole purpose is to offer better coverage to our BeCA members. As BeCA member, you have access to all airline-specific information on the best insurance packages, as well as to our Frequently Asked Questions about APPN, our partner. Finally, your BeCA membership entitles you to a special discount on the subscription of a Loss of Licence insurance from APPN. For students, APPN also offers a “Loss of Training” insurance to cover them in case of loss of medical fitness during their pilot training. For more information on the insurance, please visit our webpage. If you are a member, log in to the private part of the website and you will have access to much more information!

Let’s be honest, it can happen to any of us, any time. The risk might even increase with the extension of retirement age and increasing duty hours. As a pilot association, our duty is to help our members when they need it most (e.g. plane incidents/accidents). Loss of License issues are one of the areas where pilots need us.

Indeed, pilots who lost their medical find themself helpless, facing at the same time their illness, its financial impact and a number of unclear administrative procedures.

This is why BeCA’s Executive Committee decided to create a Loss of Licence working group on 2 December 2014.

The main goals of this group are to:

  • Share experience to assist those who can safely fly to regain quickly their fitness
  • Organise mutual assistance amongst pilots to help those who cannot get back to flying.
  • Prepare – together with other European pilot associations – BeCA’s board inputs with EASA, CAAs, employers and insurance companies
  • Inform our members about Loss of Licence issues & insurances

BeCA is also looking for independent medical advisors with aviation experience. If you have a doctor in your close family that would be interested to contribute, please get in touch with the Working Group (ideally EASA Authorised Medical Examiner – AME).