Mission & Objectives

According to article 3 of its statutes, BeCA’s mission is “to study, protect and develop professional interests of its members, at national and international levels.”

BeCA has identified the following overall aims:

  • Striving for the highest levels of aviation safety
  • Defending the professional interests of pilots
  • Harmonising teaching and training programs
  • Developing unity amongst pilots
  • Representing pilots within each airline

BeCA pursues those aims by:

  • Studying and promoting aviation safety;
  • Promoting and developing air traffic;
  • Maintaining good relationships and close contacts with all aviation stakeholders;

Therefore, BeCA’s main roles are to:

  • Defend, support and protect pilots
  • Develop and promote aviation in general
  • Represent ECA and IFALPA at national level
  • Represent Belgian pilots at ECA/IFALPA levels
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders