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BeCA Survey results

What do you think of your pilot association?
Please find the BeCA Survey results

 We would like to thank all our members who kindly took a few minutes to share their opinion on what we do well and what could be done better.

The main motivation of the respondents to be a BeCA member is to be part of an association that unites & represents pilots. They think pilots are the most competent to defend their profession and safeguard its excellence. They also expect their association to protect decent terms & working conditions.

As a whole, they are satisfied with BeCA services and the support they get from the BeCA volunteers (legal, fiscal, medical, hotline, …). Professionalism, expertise, inter-company experience, and international collaboration are also mentioned as assets.

They value our different missions/objectives. The most important reasons to be a BeCA member are the accident/incident Hotlinelegal support & advice on employment contracts (under Belgian law), lobbying with Belgian authorities (government, BCAA…), Flight Time Limitations/FatigueMedical Fit/Unfitness – Loss Of Licence and the influence on and enforcement of EU legislations related to aircrews.

We heard the concerns regarding the collaboration between BeCA and general unions, which in their opinion is sub-optimal in many airlines. Rest assured, this is one of our main priorities in 2023, i.e. to identify how to enhance fruitful cooperation through our BeCA pilot representatives and, as a result, how to increase BeCA’s impact in all airlines.

Another comment was related to our communication and especially our low presence on social networks, mainly on Facebook and Instagram, the ones they use the most. We are looking to consolidate our communication team to enhance the visibility of BeCA.

To improve the support, many of them advise involving more people, to organize more meetings & events to enhance sharing of info and the community feeling.
We are pleased that some of them would like to get more involved by joining the team of active BeCA volunteers. Mainly as a BeCA expert on safety issues, in the BeCA hotline team, in the Industrial working group, and as BeCA ambassador which is a very important role as in the majority of the cases, direct & interpersonal contacts were predominant and essential to join BeCA, rather than publications or messages posted on our website and social networks.

Last but not least, 75% of our survey respondents would recommend and strongly recommend BeCA to other pilots! Thanks to all of them for their trust!

And a big thank you to the members of the BeCA committee and all our volunteers for their continuous dedication & commitment!

“Stronger together” has never been so true.
Let us join our forces, passion, and energy to improve the efficiency & impact of our pilot association!