Belgian pilots welcome FedEx in Liège but warn about Fedex’s illegal operations in Europe
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Belgian pilots welcome FedEx in Liège but warn about Fedex’s illegal operations in Europe

Brussels, 20 April 2017

BeCA takes the opportunity of the press conference organised this Thursday by FedEx in its Liège hub to raise some concerns regarding the future of ASL Airlines Belgium (ASLB).

FedEx recently announced its plans to take 3 of ASLB’s European routes, and to operate them with US pilots. According to the Open Skies agreements, US cargo operators are not allowed to organise an all-cargo service in Europe not linked to the USA. Obviously, most of the cargo carried between Liège and these destinations is intra-European cargo and not linked to the USA. As such, BeCA considers illegal the routes operated by FedEx aircraft between Liège, London and Bâle (France). BeCA will raise this issue with its European umbrella association (ECA), and intend to challenge the EU-US Joint Committee on Open Skies about this serious violation.

Despite this grumbling, BeCA is convinced that a fruitful cooperation is in the best interest of FedEx and of the European workers. FedEx management as well as their pilots need to understand that the European pilots cannot simply accept decisions that are detrimental to their jobs.

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Download our executive summary on US cargo operators in Europe.

Download our open letter to Mr David J. Bronczek, COO FedEx Corporation.

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Note to editors: The Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) is the only recognised professional association representing airline pilots in Belgium. BeCA works in close cooperation with national unions. It also represents its members at the European and international levels, through its active involvement in the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the International Federation of Air Line Pilot Associations (IFALPA).

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