Company Update – Dec 23
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Company Update – Dec 23

ASL Airlines Belgium

BeCA and the French Pilot union SNPL are working on a Trans-National Airline Agreement to coordinate pilot representations for Liège and Paris bases. ASLB will expand operations under a single Belgian carrier certificate, with a new French entity named ASL De Gaulle. Key objectives for BeCA and SNPL include optimizing representation for Paris-based pilots and coordinating future actions between pilot representatives of both bases. The first step for the BeCA/ASLB DSP and SNPL teams is to discuss practical details for the SNPL delegation and the transition of ASLB CCTs to French law.


Brussels Airlines 

An agreement has been reached after a strike threat over FTDT rules for MH pilots. Despite Brussels Airlines’ 2023 commitment to address pilot fatigue, issues persisted, leading to social action. The December 5th agreement outlines immediate measures like increased rest, with an April 2024 evaluation aiming for a 20% reduction in short-term illnesses. Long-term plans involve a pilot survey for structural fatigue reduction, while contractor use is accepted in 2024. Additionally, in 2020, the Reboot plan transferred part of pilots’ salaries into a cafeteria plan without indexation. Unions, supported by BeCA, won a court case for indexation, but the company’s potential appeal remains uncertain.

Long-term plans involve a survey for pilot input on FTDT rules, aiming for more structural fatigue reduction. The contractor use is accepted for 2024 on the A32F fleet to cover the increased crew need following the implementation of the above measures. 



After 24 months of negotiations, strikes, and legal processes, a deal was on the table for Ryanair pilots based in Belgium. The negotiated agreement, valid from November 2023 to March 2027, addresses legacy issues and ongoing court cases. Solutions include top-up payments, one-time payments, and eco vouchers for various periods. The new CLA includes improvements such as salary increases, sector pay adjustments, a stable roster after Oct 2024, meal vouchers, enhanced bonuses, and increased allowances. Belgium is the last country without a post-COVID collective agreement within the Ryanair EU constellation. Information sessions were held to discuss those points, followed by a ballot with 90% support vote to the agreement.