Possible Safety Risks for Summer 2023 – EASA (SIB) & BeCA/ECA video
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Possible Safety Risks for Summer 2023 – EASA (SIB) & BeCA/ECA video

EASA has published a Safety Information Bulletin identifying possible safety risks for Summer 2023.

You will find below a short BeCA/ECA explanatory video.

Key issues include ineffective change management, staff shortages, cyber-attacks, knowledge loss, disruption in ground handling training, supply shortages, inadequate training time, disruptive passengers, and capacity issues.

Particularly emphasized is the risk of fatigue due to increased flight duties. Recommendations include careful planning to avoid reaching duty period limits that could impact crew fatigue and limiting reliance on exceptional relief measures.

For operators, suggestions are to review and adjust the schedule considering crew availability and other factors, avoid scheduling inexperienced crew together, and be mindful of potentially challenging crew training activities. Planning recommendations include careful aircraft availability planning, realistic personnel availability considerations, and adapting flight plans based on potential delays.

EASA also anticipates an increase in unruly passenger behaviour, and urges airlines to provide crew training to handle these situations.