Sustainable future for aviation

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times.

Aviation is a strategic European infrastructure which will continue to play a vital role with regards to ensuring safe mobility in Europe:

  • providing essential connectivity
  • promoting socio-economic cohesion
  • and timely supply of goods and services.


However, aviation will have to engage on a very ambitious decarbonisation pathway to be part of the ‘green’ solution.

For these reasons, as developed by our European Cockpit Association (ECA), BeCA is of the firm opinion that aviation must be part of the ‘green’ solution and set the basis now for being part of a safe and sustainable future transport system in Europe.

Read the Pilot’s perspective to securing a sustainable future for aviation:

  1. Recognising the Challenge
  2. Commitment to the EU Green Deal
  3. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) – A strategic resource
  4. Pilots’ Contribution – new operational practices and procedures
  5. Sustainable Growth
  6. Environmental Sustainability must go hand in hand with Social & Economic Sustainability