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Not a BeCA Member yet? Discover why you should be!

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If BeCA does not do it, who will?

BeCA is the only recognised professional association representing pilots in Belgium. It is composed of a small team of active pilots, who are dedicated to their profession and their colleagues – i.e. YOU.

BeCA constantly identifies and follows the issues that are important for the pilot profession. To ensure the pilots are defended and protected, BeCA then develops positions based on expertise and, most importantly, we work hand-in-hand with aviation stakeholders (BCAA, Ministry of Transport, airlines, Belgocontrol, unions, etc.).

But BeCA relies on our members to live: we are an apolitical organisation that is self-funded (through membership fees) and we need volunteers to help us in our daily work.

So, let’s be clear: we need you and you need BeCA – If you are convinced about that, then go directly to our online application form! If you are not yet convinced, read further.

We just need you to reply to a few questions, so you can make up your mind about BeCA:

    1. Application of real Just Safety Culture: Have you ever hesitated before reporting an occurrence because you were afraid of consequences on your job?

In many airlines, pilots do not benefit from a totally trustful environment that encourages them to report their mistakes. The “blame” culture is still very present. The legislation now clearly defines what a just culture is and has reinforced the pilot’s protection. But who ensures this is correctly implemented at airline level? Who conducts safety surveys to assess the level of just culture in Belgium-based airlines? Who assists personally pilots facing issues after reporting an occurrence? BeCA, definitely!

    1. Pension: are you worried that we, pilots, might be left apart and not taken into account within the ongoing talks at national level?

Current discussions at political level are worrying and clearly don’t take into account the specificities of the pilot profession. If the pension is set at 67, what will we do when our licence expires at the age of 65? Who cares about pilots? Who fights for the implementation of a national wide pension system that is financially autonomous and adapted to the pilots’ particular work patterns? BeCA, definitely!

    1. EU jobs for EU pilots: Have you ever felt that unfair competition from US pilots operating intra-Europe cargo flights was not acceptable?

Did you know that two US cargo airlines conduct illegal operations within Europe? And do you know who discovered and proved these operations are illegal and is working relentlessly at all possible levels to ensure our pilots’ jobs are secured? BeCA, definitely!

    1. Flight Time Limitations: Have you ever felt fatigued when flying and uncertain about your rights and obligations?

On 18 February of this year, ALL companies based in Europe must have implemented the new Flight Time Limitations. BeCA has a solid and recognised expertise in this matter. Who has been closely involved in the drafting process of the new rules? Who has developed a calculator to help pilots make sure they always fly within legal limits? Who is in close contacts with stakeholders to ensure correct implementation of the new rules? Who has written documents to guide pilots inside the new legislation? BeCA, definitely!

  1. The list could go on and on… Atypical forms of employment, cabin air contamination, safety management systems, flights to crisis zones, etc.

You have responded yes to at least one of these questions? Then, do not hesitate any more, your future lies with BeCA!

By joining us, you will make sure that all these issues are dealt with and you will also benefit from all the services and the support BeCA offers to its members! Becoming a member is as easy as ABC: go to our webpage and fill in our application form. Our secretary will take care of you!

For more information about BeCA, our work, our team, our services to members, do not hesitate to contact us at or +32 2 245 34 50. We will be more than happy to guide you through our association.

BeCA Executive Committee