Press Release: Social Conflict at Skeyes
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Press Release: Social Conflict at Skeyes

Brussels, 09 May 2019

BeCA is worried about the on-going social dispute at the Belgian air navigation service provider, Skeyes. On several occasions since 2016, our pilots association already warned the Belgocontrol management and our Authorities about the consequences of a chronic staff shortage. Today our fears seem to have become a reality.


No more “too little, too late”, but a holistic approach is required to address the staffing problem. Air traffic controllers are a vital part of the aviation system and it goes without saying that they – just like pilots – should be free of fatigue and emotional stress when performing their demanding duties. Our industry has achieved remarkable safety statistics through regulation, continuous learning and cooperation. We as pilots depend on ATC controllers, and neither us nor the public will tolerate any compromise on safety. BeCA urges all parties to pursue serenity in order to find a long-term sustainable solution for a safe and orderly air traffic flow.

The Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) is the only recognised professional association representing airline pilots in Belgium. It is self-funded and politically independent. BeCA works in close cooperation with other Belgian stakeholders and provides them with expertise on matters linked to the pilot profession and aviation safety. Our association represents some 700 pilots and is actively involved at European and international levels through its membership and participation in the work of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA).

Contact persons:

Cpt Alain Vanalderweireldt (BeCA President): +32 476.93.24.10

Cpt Rudy Pont (BeCA Air Safety Committee Chairman): +32 478.58.50.44

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