Ryanair Pilots’ Strike 14 & 15 August 2023
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Ryanair Pilots’ Strike 14 & 15 August 2023

For several years, RYR pilots have denounced Ryanair’s failure to comply with Belgian law in the area of social and labour legislations.
After several strikes in 2018, Ryanair had committed itself to comply with Belgian law. However, five years later, Ryanair is reverting to its previous behavior and is now challenging the legitimacy of these laws.

Faced with the impossibility of breaking the impasse, the pilots have no choice but to organise several days of strikes this summer to show their dissatisfaction and hope that their rights will finally be respected.

We believe that it is not only our responsibility to make things happen, but since nobody seems to want to enforce their rights, they have no other choice.
Please find below the joint open letter from BeCA and Unions (FR, NL) urging the Prime Minister to act as soon as possible, so that Ryanair stops behaving as if it were above the law.

The law is not negotiable!